Gea Mana City

To be natural, to be in nature, to live the nature, to become nature…
MANA FARM, where you can find the purest way to you're inner soul and body.
A farm which provides divine life by providing the purest forms of mother earths products.

You can...

SHOP   the purest, and most natural products grown by our local farmers.
FEED   your soul with the freshest and purest earthly products locally grown with joy and love.
ORDER   a rack full of locally and seasonally grown earthy products delivered to the door of your house.
BE A PART   of our farm to nourish your body, to cleanse, and to be divine energy every moment of the day.
BUY   the cleanest protein sources, seasonal vegetables, fruits, natural beauty and lifestyle products.
FARM   your own nature. create your small secret divine garden.
At the end of your JOURNEY in MANA let the local cooks cook you the most healing meal using the products you have collected.
EXPERIENCE   natural farming through our experiential tours for schools, small groups, for the new-born, adult, teenager, and for ALL who wants to live nature.